I crack a cheap bottle of merlot These tannins are my snow globe Trapped inside this glass is all I’ve ever hoped for Jubilee Aspirations Ruined-by Ego But inside this glass is everything I adore At least, what I dreamed we’d explore Your eyes are wide open more You see me Not shutting me out, […]


Ain’t no place, no home Ain’t no place, no home Ain’t no place for a black girl like me We all made of brown sugar & SPICE Otherwise U just a Jezebel who bleeds A loud soul from a body that’s hanging from a tree I don’t exist, u can’t exist As a black girl […]

New death.

Damn. I can’t make you love me It’s probably a lost cause anyway Cuz if that was a cause for the cure My moms & pops would’ve gave me that from my birth day Deceit? Ill close my eyes so I won’t see I’ll browbeat myself into silence so you’ll love me I’ll shave myself […]

“Imani doesn’t like boys…”

“Ma, Imani’s getting on my nerves. She’s not talking to me and I didn’t do anything to her!” “She just heartbroken right now, Shirl. Leave ‘er alone.”  “……Oooh. She’s sad because a boy!? That’s dumb! That’s why I don’t like boys…” “Imani will be fine. She doesn’t really like boys. She likes herself and getting […]

Don’t Touch My Hair: An Interpretation 

I’ve listened to this song on repeat for days on end. I’ve read tons of articles about the song.  “Finally! A song telling white people like it is! DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR! That’s right!” While I agree, the song meant something so much deeper for me. Especially, the second verse that started with “Don’t touch […]